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Happy to welcome you in this blog !

It will be our HeadQuarter for everything about Guten Tag, and when I say OUR, I mean it. I started this thing, now it belongs to its users (which I am), so I look forward for this blog to be a great way to build a user community around it.

You may not know yet what Guten Tag is all about. Well, start reading this blog, subscribe to it, and you will learn by every new post ! Some of you may think : "Oh Yeah, I know, It's Yet Another Search Engine". Well, start reading this blog, subscribe to it, and you will know better by every new post !

Things are going to happen here in the nexts months. Weird things. CrazySexyCool things.

Stick here if you want to see it all unfolding.

Welcome to our Guten Tag World.

Guten Tag is slow again

Published by stephane-lee on Tuesday 3 January 2006, 18:16 in GTW
Guten Tag is again very slow.

I'm not a MySQL expert, but I suspect that having a table with 30 000 tags x 100 entries is not the way to go, if I want to keep it on a single server.

I have some insights on how to optimize things, but that would mean changing many things, and I don't have the time now to dig into it. I have another prioritary project.

I'm really sorry for those of you who like Guten Tag, but are frustated by the response time. Maybe you can tell me how you use GT and which part is most important for you (onsite / RSS ?), so I can try to focus on it.

Thanks again for your support and patience.

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What is a Tag ? Part III

A noun or a verb ?

Published by stephane-lee on Tuesday 18 October 2005, 14:35 in GTW
Let's sum up what we've seen before :
  1. a tag is an qualifier that can be used as a filter to find relative content
  2. a tag is a link to an aggregation space
There is yet a question that needs to be answered : who does it belong to ?
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What is a Tag ? Part II

Aggregation in TagSpace

Published by stephane-lee on Wednesday 5 October 2005, 12:24 in GTW
Before I move on, let's try to sum up what we found before :

Tags are freely chosen keywords that qualify content (in the context of a subject of interest), and they can be used as filters to discover this content.

Now let's look closer at a given tag. The following word is a tag and it's value is : . See how this word is different from the rest of the text ? First, it is a hyperlink. Second, there is this strange little orange hexagon alongside. What does that mean ?
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Update : Tuesday 18 October 2005, 14:39
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What is a Tag ? Part I

About qualifiers and filters

Published by stephane-lee on Wednesday 28 September 2005, 19:49 in GTW
Aaaarggh...that's the tough question ! I know I have to go through it, so I'll try my best.

Let's begin to say what it is not :
  • it's not some weird typography on a wall
  • it's not some html syntax to enclose content
  • it's not directives you put in a http header
So what is it here ?
Well, in my last post, I gave some first hint : tags were described as both qualifiers and filters. Tags are stamped on content to qualify it; and then you use them to filter content.
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Update : Tuesday 18 October 2005, 14:07
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What is Guten Tag ?

The People's Web Discover Engine

Published by stephane-lee on Tuesday 27 September 2005, 19:26 in GTW
When I started coding the site, I thought it will be a place to have both Technorati and Delicious on the same screen, and on the same RSS feed. Early adopters saw that, it was even the first site to offer a public feed for Technorati tags.

Did I lose you already ? If you don't know what a tag is, clutch on, we'll come back to that in a minute. Meanwhile, replace "tags" by "qualifiers".

Why was it important to me ? Because Technorati and Delicious were the two sides of the same mountain. Technorati let you see the tags that the editor stamp on his post (producer's tag), and Delicious let you see the tags that the visitors stamp on the editor's post (consumer's tag). I thought it might be interesting to have both in the same place ! (Might be even more interesting to correlate them, but that's another story).
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Update : Wednesday 28 September 2005, 19:58
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